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First Encounter

It's hard to tell how many times I have seen Close Encounters of the Third Kind but I feel it must be thousands of times by now. Ever since its release in 1977 I have been a fan of this icon sci-fi film which is in my opinion the best ever made. We all have our favorite movie or band and to collect any kind of memorabillia from it brings you a bit closer to your all time favorite. Over the years me and my wife Yvonne were lucky to build up a nice collection of movie props from Close Encounters with the help from people who have been working in the production but also from private collections, auctions and well known movie prop suppliers. We created this website to share our props for you to view. On our site you will also find a link to our other movie props from great movies such as The Shining, Jaws, The Abyss, Super 8, Jurassic Park and Gremlins 2 to name a few.Have fun and hopefully you'll enjoy our site!!

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